In 2015 Pennsylvania Operation Lifesaver volunteers conducted 400 presentations with an attendance total of 31,848 persons and logged 504 volunteer hours at 38 statewide events that reached 17,705 persons.

The current Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) statistics show a reduction in 2015 crossing collisions and pedestrian-train casualties which fell from 2014 levels. The Preliminary Rail Crossing and Trespass Statistics for 2015 vs. 2014 are listed in the table below.

  Operation Lifesaver Releases Video PSA

AddressingTrainTrack Photography

     Alarmed by an increase in deadly incidents involving photography and railroad tracks, the national nonprofit rail safety education group Operation Lifesaver, Inc. (OLI) is releasing a new animated Video Public Service Announcement (VPSA) to raise awareness among professional photographers of the dangers of this trend. The VPSA is the first in a new series drawing attention to the illegal and dangerous activity of train track photos.