Duquesne Light & Local 29 5th Annual Rodeo & Expo.

 OL volunteers Rick Hannegan and Nancy Murin spent a sunny and event-filled Saturday staffing a booth at the “Duquesne Light & Local 29 5th Annual Rodeo & Expo.”

The event gives the Duquesne employees a chance to strut their stuff plus engage in competitions to prove their mastery of the various facets of their craft. There were a number of commercial vendors, as well as a few non-profits. Kids’ activities included pole climbing, bucket truck lifts, backhoe digging, face painting…and a visit to the Operation Lifesaver booth to learn about being safe around railroads. The message was amplified by the frequent NS trains operating above the rodeo site as they crossed the OC Bridge.


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Pennsylvania Trolley Museum 2015
  Over 200 visitors braved the intermittent rain to come out for the Museum's annual Classic Car Show, tour the museum and take a ride on one of the restored trolley cars on the 3.5 mile loop.
  Strasburg RR Muesum 2015
      Pennsylvania Operation Lifesaver particpated in Norfolk Southern Days at the RR Museum of Pennsylvania on Jun 13th - 14th 2015. The Pennsylvania RR engine #7002 provided a nice background for our table.
     Operation Lifesaver is a nonprofit, nationwide public education program dedicated to eliminating collision, deaths, and injuries at highway-rail intersections and on railroad rights-of-way.
     It is sponsored cooperatively by a wide variety of partners, including federal, state and local government agencies, highway safety and transportation organizations, and the nation’s railroads.
2014 Pennsylvania Statistics
    Collisions at highway-rail grade crossings collisions in Pennsylvania have increased by 20% in 2014.
    Preliminary 2014 Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) statistics showed that there was also
an increase in rail trespass casualties (deaths plus injuries)

State Laws & Regulations
Affecting Highway-Rail Grade Crossing
Take at look at the up-to-date and more expansive look at the various
U.S. State laws and regulations concerning every aspect of highway-rail grade crossings,
driver behavior at crossings, and railroad trespassing.