Operation Lifesaver is a nonprofit, nationwide public education program dedicated to eliminating collision, deaths, and injuries at highway-rail intersections and on railroad rights-of-way.
     It is sponsored cooperatively by a wide variety of partners, including federal, state and local government agencies, highway safety and transportation organizations, and the nation’s railroads.



     Children on their way to school wave to the crew of Norfolk Southern train as it races over the Farm Road crossing near the village of Hays Grove. Operation Lifesaver works with the Mennonite community along the Norfolk Southern Lurgan Branch, bringing railroad safety information into schools and community meetings to teach why railroad tracks can be a dangerous place.
Operation Lifesaver state program leaders from across the United States
met for three days of intense training.



2014 Pennsylvania Statistics
    Collisions at highway-rail grade crossings collisions in Pennsylvania have increased by 20% in 2014.
    Preliminary 2014 Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) statistics showed that there was also
an increase in rail trespass casualties (deaths plus injuries)
     This is a must watch video for anyone that uses commuter rail. Scott Sauer of SEPTA gives good information about emergency evacuation procedures. Scott is also a Pennsylvania Operation Lifesaver Authorized Volunteer.
Note: Video link is a little slow to load.

State Laws & Regulations
Affecting Highway-Rail Grade Crossing
Take at look at the up-to-date and more expansive look at the various
U.S. State laws and regulations concerning every aspect of highway-rail grade crossings,
driver behavior at crossings, and railroad trespassing.